White lioness shocked by male lion's advance

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Published: July 20, 2017

It seems that even the animal kingdom cannot escape unwanted advances by males! In this hilarious clip, a funny moment at the zoo is captured on camera as a gorgeous white lioness brushes against a sleeping male. When he wakes up and puts his paw around her in a loving gesture, only to have her jump back in surprise. The other female lioness then comes over to investigate what all the fuss is about! Talk about hilarious! This is one memorable clip that you will surely not want to miss!

Hey, you cannot blame the male lion for trying, right? Sure the female lioness was startled at first but maybe if the male lion gave it another shot, he could find his soul mate! If she ends up rejecting him again, well there is plenty of other fish in the sea or in this case lions in the wild! Hopefully this male lion does not feel too discouraged after this event.

Aside from the fact that these lions are hilarious, aren't they just adorable as well? You almost just want to pick one up and take it home with you, but as well all know, that would be a bad idea. Animal plush's could always be purchased if you ever wanted to have the next best thing!

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