Bulldog Has Strange Reaction To Specific Puppy On TV

Published July 19, 2017 131,652 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe all know that one person that we cannot help but to not like, as much as we try to like them. This seems to be the way for dogs as well! In this adorable and hilarious video, Khaleesi the bulldog watches a variety of different canines on television. Normally she has minor reactions, but whenever this one puppy comes on the screen her owners can't help but laugh! Be sure to watch till the end as she reacts over and over to the same dog. Hilarious!

This Bulldog does not seem to like the white, fluffy dog on T.V at all! We knew that dogs sometimes do not like other dogs in general, but who would have thought that they could form rivalries with specific dogs too?! What we do know is that this is one video that you are not going to want to miss as you will remember it for a long time!

As much as Khaleesi does not seem to like the dog on T.V, she does seem like a pretty happy dog overall. Her owners must take great care of her, walking her everyday, playing with her and feeding her the best dog food!