Dramatic lightning storm captured by high altitude drone

Published July 19, 2017 33,269 Plays $53.82 earned

Rumble / Lightning StrikesThunder storms create different reactions for people, but nobody will deny that they are a very clear reminder of the awesome power of nature. They often bring high winds, intense rain or even hail. The lightning alone can be either terrifying or thrilling to those who watch and the boom of a nearby lightning strike is like no other sound in nature.

A very dramatic summer storm rolled across the sky near Millbrook, Ontario. Peals of thunder shook the ground and lightning flashed across the clouds. In order to capture the spectacle on video, a drone was launched and sent to 220m or 660 feet above the earth and flown towards the storm. The sound and light show continued as it moved rapidly closer. Eventually, the clouds erupted and a downpour began. The drone was brought back to the ground only seconds before the wind increased and the deluge started.

To have a summer storm break near you is more intense and riveting than any surround sound theatre experience!