Rescued Puppy Drags Blanket Outside So That A Homeless Dog Could Sleep On It

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Published: July 19, 2017Updated: July 21, 2017

Rescued puppies that have been abandoned, know a thing or two about being left behind and how it feels to be alone and unprotected, since dealing with emotional pain has been their everyday occupation.

But not every dog forgets how it is being on the streets with no food or water to drink, no blanket to cover themselves during chilly nights. Some of them even help other homeless dogs, bringing them food, or offering them a cozy blanket.

Eight-moth-old pup Lana was a homeless dog until the moment she was rescued from the streets of Brazil and was adopted by Suelen Shaumloeffel. She still remembers the feeling of leading a life as a stray dog. Because of that, Lana’s caring side came out one chilly night, when she spotted this little guy from the other side of the yard fence.

Her owner had just bought her a thicker blanket to keep her warm and cozy during the upcoming chilly nights. But the next morning, as she woke up, she was welcomed with a pretty spectacular surprise.

That night, while everyone was asleep, Lana had seen a stray dog coming near the house. Instead of barking at him until he went away, Lana decided to drag out her new blanket and share it with her new buddy, ensuring that both of them would be warm during the night.

“I thought, how beautiful what she did for her friend.” said Lara’s owner, Suelen Schaumloeffel.

Her best four-legged friend reminded her of something so important: generosity! So, since then, Suelen started leaving food and water for the stray dogs.

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