Security Cam Catches Goat Breaking Into Colorado Office

rumblestaffPublished: July 19, 2017327 views
Published: July 19, 2017

When you hear about a bunch of kids vandalizing an office, an image of a group of teenagers with baseball bats and spray paint comes to mind. However, this is not such a case.

A CCTV camera inside the office of Argonics Inc. - a company based in Louisville, Colorado - shows a black and white goat smashing into the front doors of the building. Yes, you read that correctly!

When the employees came to work one day, they found the glass on both the front doors shattered and their first thought was exactly like yours. But when they rewound the security camera footage, what they discovered what amusing with a dash of disturbing.

The Colorado office wasn't broken in exactly, it was banged in. An adult male goat was seen banging his head against the glass pane of the door until it shatters to pieces, scaring him away. Just when you think the buck had enough with sharp objects, you can seen him come back – only to bang his horns through the other pane as well. Officials have reported that the group of goats have actually escaped from a local farm and are still on the loose, leaving only their pellets of poop.

One specialist says that this has nothing to do with vandalism, although he probably did it for fun. Goats are very curious creatures and can frequently be seen head-butting anything that piques their interest.

Credit to 'Argonics Inc.'

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