5 years ago

Pet Store Secretly Replaces Their Pets With Shelter Animals

All over the world, shelters are overflowing with abandoned animals waiting for a second chance at a good life. Some of those animals get to experience it, but the others aren't so lucky.

When an animal doesn't get adopted, high kill shelters euthanize them, while no kill shelters let those animals grow old with them. Either way isn't a solution to this problem, yet more and more people decide to give money for their pets, instead of getting one virtually for free.

Associacao Quatro Patinhas, meaning Association Four Paws, is an animal shelter in Brazil that believes there is no difference between pure-bred and shelter animals, so they came up with an ingenious solution to the adoption problem. They decided to replace all the pure bred pets in one pet shop with the animals they have in the shelter. Without telling a single customer that walks in the shop.

This experiment was staged to change people's perception of shelter animals. Every customer made sure to ask twice when the shopkeeper told them that they could adopt a pet for free instead of buying one.

Christianne Duarte Garoiu, the president and founder of Associacao Quatro Patinhas, said: “...there are many other pets that would bring them so much love for all their lives and people don’t need to spend a cent for it.’

Better than buying a life is saving one.

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Credit to 'Associação Quatro Patinhas'.

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