Mice invade pastry shop in Toronto

mva81Published: July 19, 2017120,122 views
Published: July 19, 2017

If you thought only the subway had a mouse problem then clearly you have not seen this video yet! In this hair raising video, pedestrians outside of a Baklava & Chocolate Bar on Queen Street in Toronto, Canada witnessed a pair of mice feasting on the delicious treats. It was after hours when these little rodents came in so there was no one in the establishment to scare the mice away. The mice just happily sat there and had the feast of their lives.

It is really sad when a food establishment gets infestations like this. Upon further research it seems that the whole market where this bakery resides was shut down by Toronto city health inspectors. This shutdown may lead to a series of charges against the owner of the bakery and the owner of the market of failing to prevent rodent infestations which falls under the city's food premises legislation. Hopefully these places do not close down for good and they fix their whole rodent situation.

It also seems like this market is going to have to pay a hefty exterminator charge to get rid of these rodents. Looks like they will be needing to buy a lot of mouse traps. It is a shame that a market like this could fall so low just because of some mice.

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