Controlled Oppositions in Political, Psychological and Scientific Domains

8 months ago

Matt Ehret speaks to Cynthia Breed (host of Third Culture Patriot) about Lincoln (was he a Rothschild tool or a force for good?), Canada (is it a real nation or a synthetic geopolitical chesspiece of empire?), and the fraud of quantum mechanics. The theme of false oppositions is treated at length from the standpoint of the manipulation of the 'one vs many'/ top down vs bottom up thinking/ personal liberty vs the Greater Good/ sense perception vs abstract thinking and waves vs particles

We additionally treat the topic of the Rockefeller control of the UFO Disclosure Project, Rockefeller Foundation perversion of education, medicine and scientific inquiry, and we also treat the topic of China's efforts to resist the oligarchist death cultists itching for a New World Order.
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