Dr Pierre Kory Explains the Real Reason the Powers-That-Be are Pushing Another Not-Safe-Or-Effective Covid Shot

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President Biden and his handlers have announced that they’re going to be pushing another round of covid booster shots in response to the prediction that we’ll have another spike in covid cases this fall. Dr Pierre Kory, the frontline doctor who discovered the protocol using Ivermectin to treat covid, joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to share his concerns with Big Pharma and our government continuing to push the covid jabs despite the evidence proving they are neither safe nor effective.

Dr Kory also shared that he’s lost his board certification over his views on Ivermectin. He then shares how he’s setup his medical practice so he’s not beholden to the corrupt medical boards and Big Pharma. Plus, he’s specializing in vaccine adverse reactions, so that’s why it’s even more important that he can operate independently.

We had a fascinating discussion about the big picture of the corrupt system in our country. We can do all these things to create alternatives, but the reality is that we are still under the thumb of a tyrannical government that is colluding with all of the Bigs (Pharma, Food, etc). At some point, we’re going to have to deal with that.

Go buy Dr Pierre Kory’s book War on Ivermectin: https://amzn.to/3EuTVp8

For more information on Dr Pierre Kory’s medical practice, which specializes in vaccine injuries, please visit http://drpierrekory.com.

For more information and resources from Dr Pierre Kory’s FLCCC, please visit https://covid19criticalcare.com.

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