Hero bus driver in Milwaukee helps lost 2-year-old boy

Published July 17, 2017 7,931 Views

Rumble / Trending NewsA bus driver from Milwaukee was dubbed a national hero, after he helped a lost little boy find his way back home. After spotting a 2-year-old boy wandering alone at 6:30am, Milwaukee County Transit System driver Duane Butler decided to stop his bus and assist (along with the help of a passenger).

The driver was going along his usual route on July 4th when he spotted a little boy, dressed in shirt, pants ans socks, roam alone in the street. The bus had just a few passengers on board and with their permission, Duane stopped the vehicle and radioed the police for assistance, while one of passengers picked the boy up and comforted the distraught child. The boy was crying and couldn't tell the men on the bus where he came from, so he sat down quietly in the bus until the police arrived.

Reports say that the toddler slipped from home while his family was sleeping and got lost in the neighborhood. The policemen took the boy in their custody and went door to door, asking if someone knows him. Thanks to the driver's quick thinking, the little adventurer was swiftly reunited with his grateful mother.

Credit to the 'Milwaukee County Transit System'.