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Top 3 Prep Recommendations (discussed @1:00.31)
Tower Garden grow your own food at home Easy
Patriot Supply Storable Food
Distilled Water system
Spike Protein Detox Supplements (discussed @ min: 49:15)

You can find these 2 Spike Protein Detox supplements + 3 other Covid Specific Detox supplements in my FullScript Supplement store under the Category: Spike Protein Detox


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—> Nattokinase - derived from the fermentation of soy beans, this is a proteolytic enzyme with thrombolytic properties. Also, shown in studies to reduce atherosclerosis & clotting.

—> Bromelain - derived from pineapple, it’s an anti inflammatory enzyme, also an anti-coagulant.

—> Curcumin - derived from turmeric, it helps balance inflammation and acts to decrease clotting factors. Also, blocks spike protein binding sites on cells, according to studies.
* Nattokinase - 2k ml / 2 x day
* Bromelain - 500 ml / day
* Circumin - 500 ml / 3 x day

Based on Dr. McCullough’s protocol recommendations, these two supplements fit the dosing standards. NOTE: for those who received the Covid shot as well as those who did not.
1. Nattokinase - take 1 caps 2x per day
2. Traumeric - take 2 caps 2x per day on an empty stomach (BONUS also contains Quercetin which prevents the loss of glutathione)

I recommend to add these as well for Covid Protocols (and have been since 2020)
1. Melatonin - powerful sleep hormone instrumental in boosting immunity, fighting cancer, combating inflammation and Covid symptoms
2. NAC (a precursor to the body’s master antioxidant, Glutathione, NAC detox’s graphene oxide & restores DN as well as depleted methyl groups due to Hydrogel Polymers). BONUS also contains Trimethylglycine, which helps to block glyphosate from entering the cells and making a vaccinated person more toxic bc it allows an entry point easier
3. EDTA - the only thing that can remove HydroGel Polymers
STUDY: Proteolytic Targets for SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Degradation: Hope for Systemic Detoxification -

In this episode I talk about these topics and a lot more!
* What I learned from my trip to Africa & why I HIGHLY recommend against travel now (it’s a $hit show, I’ll share what to do if you still opt to, so you don’t experience what I did)
* The most important Anti-Parasitics (aka Anti-Viral) to combat the various and newer strains of ‘C0vid’ circulating now (Iver. is on the list but not the only one)
* Prepping 101 - I’ll share the Top 3 things I recommend to get started on Preparedness and what’s next after that. Especially because GMO cows are coming and God created ones are dying rapidly.

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