Micky, the Strongest Newfoundland

Brinks58Published: July 15, 2017Updated: July 17, 201710 views
Published: July 15, 2017Updated: July 17, 2017

Micky, a 7 year old Newfoundland rescue has found his passion in weight pull competition. Here he is pulling his personal best of 11,930 lbs at the 2014 World Wide Weight Pull Organization (W3PO) Summits. Pulling since he was 4, you can see him push against his owner's arms wanting to take on the challenge. It's not unusual to hear him grumble and whine in frustration as he shoves against her. His passion and determination have earned him numerous national and international championship wins through a number of different organizations. These highly conditioned dogs pull of their own free will. They have a competitive spirit that wants to take on the challenge. Many weight pull dogs are show champions, have titles in other canine sports (agility, obedience, etc.) or are certified therapy dogs like Micky. Micky shows that the Newfoundland isn't just another pretty face, but is truly a "Working Breed".

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