Toddler is really good at pretend nap time

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Published: July 14, 2017Updated: July 18, 2017

Little Zadok it so smart! He is figuring out more about the world as each day passes. He is one adorable kid! In this video, he learns how to sleep on command, hilarious! He now knows what sleeping looks like! The first time his dad tells Zadok to show him what sleeping looks like, he immediately lays down on his dads knees and starts to fake snore, so funny! How cute is this?

His dad asks Zadok to show him what sleeping means again, this time he quickly lays his head on the couch and starts to snore again, priceless! He definitely knows what he is doing, all he has to do now is close his eyes, then he might actually fall asleep for real! His outfit is super awesome too! He definitely knows how to dress in style! We all need to find a cool outfit like that! It looks like after pretending to sleep two times, he is done for the day, he wants to play now! So cute!

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