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31stBrewingPublished: July 17, 2017
Published: July 17, 2017

We are back to brewing beer. As some of you might know. I do not brew much in the winter. So this past weekend we had a nice day so it was time to brew.

Today's home brew is a Pecan Brown Ale. This recipe is from the BYO mag. This beer clone is from the mitten brewing co.

This recipe is for a 5.5 gal to have 5 gals in the keg
2-Row 75%
Munich Malt 10%
Brown Malt 5%
60L 5%
Chocolate Malt 2.5%
Roasted Barley 2.5%
Pecans 6 oz in mash (roasted)
Magnum .5 oz at 60 mins
Fuggle .5 oz at 15 mins
Fuggle .5 oz end of boil

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