The Art of The Human Brain

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Published: July 13, 2017

Self Reflected’ is being called the most complex and detailed artistic depiction of our brain ever. The artwork was designed so everyone can marvel at the wonder of human consciousness. Here are the incredible results. #awesome

Dr. Greg Dunn and Dr. Brian Edwards have built the most realistic visualization of the human brain ever constructed. They entitled it “Self Reflected”, because it is your own brain perceiving itself.

Current brain scan technology doesn't have the capability to scan the neurons of the brain, so the scientists used deep research and algorithmic simulations, along with hand drawings and photolithography, to illustrate the brain in detail.

The resulting image contains circuitry of 500.000 neurons! They made 25 etched plates in a similar fashion as computer chips are made. Every neuron was modeled by blowing ink along paper and scanning it into a computer and each one was then used as a building block to “paint” the entire brain slice.

The visualization was made so that everyone can marvel in the wonder that is human consciousness. The human brain cells in action share a passing resemblance to the cosmic web.

Dr. Greg Dunn has said for Caters News: “Our shared privilege of having one of these magnificent machines in our skulls can help to remind us to use it wisely and compassionately.”

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