HTP/PLA Hybrid Test on 08/11/2023

25 days ago

On Aug 11, 2023, I repeated the test from February 23rd but used a 500 ml Soda Stream® bottle as the pressure/propellant tank versus the 1000 mL tank. The objective was to test the performance of the rocket engine to see if there was a noticeable difference. I plan to use the 500 ml bottle in the rocket glider. All other parameters where the same as the 02/23 test. Time to ignition was 0.4 sec and burn time was 6.0 sec. The average thrust was ~ 22.1 N. There was no degradation of performance between the two tanks.

The second part of the video shows the inner core of PLA/KMnO4 fuel core after the test. The recession of the PLA/KMnO4 fuel core seems to be evenly distributed along the length of the fuel core. This implies that, if designed properly, most of the fuel core can be consumed in the burn.

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