Loving rabbit showers patient dog with kisses

Published July 13, 2017 3,785 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWho says a rabbit and a dog can't be best friends? This adorable rabbit is trying so hard to befriend a Labrador but at first, it doesn't look like the Labrador is interested. The rabbit isn't going to give up! The rabbit licks his ear but he doesn't respond, he only starts to growl. Time for the rabbit to try another plan. Jump on top of the Labrador! This doesn't work either, the Labrador shakes him off. Poor rabbit, befriending this dog is going to be harder than he thought.

He still has a few tricks up his sleeve, he starts to kiss the Labrador, and the growling continues but that doesn't stop the rabbit. He is determined to make a new friend. Eventually, the Labrador finally gives in, awesome! The rabbit finally made his new friend. I think the dog finally realizes that this rabbit may not be as bad as he thought, he actually is a pretty cool friend. With all the effort this rabbit put in, I think he deserves at least a chance from this Labrador. These two will be the best of buds! This is too adorable!

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