Comey Testimony Offers Ammo for Both Sides

OpsLensNewsChannelPublished: July 12, 2017
Published: July 12, 2017

James Comey's latest testimony to congressional leaders on Capitol Hill represented a smorgasbord of information that gives ammo to both sides of the political aisle. From his dispute of President Trumps version of events surrounding meetings between the two, to his revelation that then attorney general Loretta Lynch pressured him into describing the bureau's work into the Hillary Clinton server as other than an investigation, Comey had both political parties in his crosshairs.
Ultimately, though, regardless of your takeaways from his testimony, certain truths held fast. That American adversaries such as Russia are continuing efforts to infringe upon our democracy, and that political personalities continue to put their own careers ahead of the good of the country.
Perhaps the most troubling takeaway is that the rule of law appears to apply differently to those in power.

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