Time to Show North Korea the Full Force Of American Might

OpsLensNewsChannelPublished: July 12, 20171 views
Published: July 12, 2017

The death of Otto Warmbier should compel compel America to engage its full resources to ensure that the regime of Kim Jong Un is put on notice that their rule of torture and oppression is coming to end.
No longer shall it be sufficient for our allies to watch from across symbolic borders, nor the UN governing body to pass feckless sanctions.

Eliminating the Jong Un rule and paving the way for future freedoms for the people of the worlds most desolate nation needs to start now.

It will take time and force and ultimately require an uprising on behalf of the people most directly affected by the country's ruling party's tactics. But the road to such an outcome must begin now. Or else the most recent death of an innocent American at the hands of an evil regime will be in vain.

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