Talented Pooch Puts On Hilarious Show When He Hears His Favorite Song

Published July 12, 2017 324,996 Views $285.84 earned

A few things are certain in this day and age and one of them is that you have probably heard Adele’s ‘Hello’ song too many times to count. The hit was so popular and sought after, it soared on the charts for weeks and radio stations have been blasting the tune every 30 minutes. You hear it and go “not again”, but then the chorus comes and lyrics just come pouring out of you. The Brit is that good!

‘Hello’ was a roller coaster of emotions, wrapped in a goosebumps-inducing music and everybody secretly loved it. The song spoke on some many level to everyone and it seems this pooch felt the feels too.

This Frenchie was taking a ride with his owners in the car, when the aforementioned hit single came on the radio. It reminded the pup how the music video made her feel, so she turns to the car door window and looks longingly at the distance, just like Adele looks outside a window in her video.

Then the chorus comes and just like every last one of us, the singing puppy starts belting out the notes! At one point, it even sounded to us like actually said “Hello”. Not only that, but she makes the same pauses between words like Adele. How awesome is that?

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