Officials rescue a bear cub with jar stuck on its head

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Published: July 12, 2017

Police officers from the La Verne Police Department were called to respond to 2500 block of Jasmine court to an unusual disturbance. Apparently, one of the residents got an unexpected guests who appeared to be in trouble – a bear cub with a plastic jug stuck on its head.

It was unclear whether the baby bear was looking for honey or other type of food in the vicinity when it got itself in the mess, but when the officers arrived on the scene, its head was already secured tightly in the jug and the scared baby animal was trying to run away by attempting to jump over a wire fence. The officer recording can be seen attempting to remove the jug from the subs head, though unsuccessfully.

The officers on the scene called the Fish and Wildlife Service for assistance with the cub. When a Fish and Wildlife agent reported on the scene, one of the officers held the bear cub down, while the F&W agent was cutting the plastic jug to remove it.

Once freed, the bear cub can be seen rushing towards a nearby tree and climbing on it as soon as the officers let him go. It appeared unharmed.

Credit to La Verne Police Department

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