Curious Cat Ends Up With A Cup Stuck On Her Face

wwjade38Published: July 12, 201737,737 views
Published: July 12, 2017

There are so many sayings out there that have been inspired by the eternally unusual behavior of our feline furbabies. You might be familiar with the saying “curiosity killed the cat”, explained by cat’s incessant need to check out everything around the house and immediate surroundings; they are tiny predators, after all.

You should be familiar with the more up to date, meme-licious “If I fits, I sits” and “cats are liquids”, with proofs caught on tape making our days more productive by watching those cat videos! Cats have very flexible bones, which means that if they want to cram their bodies into a small space, they will do it, because they can!

This furball is one excellent example and she could care less what you think about it. She has found a polystyrene cup on the floor and, to her, it is just another small box that she can try to fit into.

She might look chubby, but do not be fooled - that chubbiness is actually just pockets of air folded between tufts of fur. If she makes the right moves, she will surely fit in that cup. She just needs to wiggle a little bit…

But that cup had a mind of it’s own and after all that rubbing, the polystyrene got charged with static and got stuck on the cat’s head! Cue the confusion in the silly cat’s head. Lucky for the cat, one bump on the tail end and the cup fell off. But she will not give up on fitting inside.

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