Crumbling Schools - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 04 Sep 2023

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### Crumbling Schools

Much of the UK school system is literally crumbling
so does a five minute tarot reading
to find out why.

He finds a debauched croney government are deliberately defunding the public services,
and that the love of their workers can't save them - the capitalist dominion continues
showing no sign of respite.

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### Past - 7 Of Cups, Debauch

The government are a bunch of
_deluded_ _criminally_ _depraved_ _immoral_ _corrupt_
_greedy_ _cronies_ and _fraudsters_ on a _rampage_.
They hate public service and in their _avarice_ want
private ownership of all things so their can buy them
and skim money from them, _deluded_ that this makes
them more efficient somehow.

They made a plan to use _deception_ and _confusion_
to end the public schools by _mismanagement_ and

They would simply de-fund the schools until they collapsed.

### Hidden Influence - 6 Of Trumps, Lovers

The _workers_, teachers, _unions_
and school administers
_love_ their schools.
They have _commitment_, _dedication_,
an _unwavering_ _belief_ in _duty_
_camaraderie_ and _togetherness_.
They _trust_ that _partnerships_ and
_agreement_ can help build _togetherness_,
and _initiative_ in society.

It's because of them that,
despite 15 years of budget cuts,
the schools have stayed up this long,
still doing a mostly good job.

### External Influence - 10 Of Swords, Ruin

Yet still the budget-cuts are causing a slow _ruin_,
The staff _fought_ in the _conflict_,
but they were _betrayed_,
_back-stabbed_ by the government,
and are _unable_ to stop
the schools being _pulverized_.

The cuts means schools are
_struggling_ and _broken_,
_crushed_ and _shredded_,
literally _crumbling_,

They are _unable_ to avert further _crisis_,
it's only time before there's a
_disaster_, a _catastrophe_, an _injury_
or just systematic collapse and _failure_.

### Present - 2 Of Wands, Dominion

Which is why we are here now:
The _consequences_ of this _dominion_.

the _plan_ is working!
The _strategy_ is paying off,
the government's _priorities_ are _rigid_ and
their _sovereignty_ is _supreme_,
_undermining_ education through _budget_ cuts,
and asserting capital's _dominion_
over social services.

The schools are crumbling,
the service is suffering,
and the rich kids are exempt
because they go to posh schools,
and the strategy is succeeding.

The debauched cronies are on top for now,
but what will the future bring?

### Outcome - 11 Of Pentacles, Page

Well, the future belongs to the
_financial_ _materialist_
_bankers_ and _businessmen_
and their
_crafty_ but _determined_
_systematic_ _corporate_ takeover
of all things public.

Even the opposition say they will not
pay more, or tax the rich to spend on schools,
so enjoy the schools while you can kids,
maybe take a hard-hat in case of falling concrete.

### Summary

In summary then: The government are debauched rogues
who want to destroy public services so they can privatize
to let their mates skim more money, so they de-funded the

The teachers and unions and administrators kept things
going for as long as they could, but -- lack of repair is
showing itself.

The debauched plan is working, they continue to have
dominion, the schools are collapsing as intended.

And there will be no respite,
there is no political opposition
to the plan to systematically de-fund the schools.
And the rest of the public services.

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