A Guy Believes He Can Steal From A Parked Vehicle Without Being Spotted By The Police

Published July 11, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble / Trending NewsKarma is not just some terrible yet metaphysical concept taken from the ancient eastern teachings, it is the law according to which the filaments of the entire universe are arranged, the law of cause and effect, and a very palpable law at that. If you make an action, there is bound to be a reaction to it, sooner or later. In essence, this can be interpreted as Newton's first law on motion, the one about the action and the reaction, remember? And how quickly this reaction will manifest depends on many conditions, which in turn are also karma.

There is also the so-called, instant karma. This is when the result of actions, words, and thoughts comes to the agent without a moment of waiting. Someone might think that it is bad when karma manifests at once, in fact, it is not. Through instantaneous manifestation, one can realize the law of karma in the making and be convinced of it in person. How quickly does your karma manifest? While you deliberate on this question take a look at this case of instantaneous karmic distribution

Well, isn't this a sight for sore eyes! There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing justice being served and it’s safe to say that this video tickles our fancy, a whole lot.

CCTV cameras in Fulham, UK were able to record a thief breaking into a parked vehicle. He is seen riding in at the scene of the crime with his bike and immediately popping open the trunk of the SUV. Even knowing that the black Range Rover is unlocked suggests that the thief had already been scooping out the place. After popping the trunk open, he starts removing items as quickly as he could, throwing them haphazardly on the ground, looking for anything valuable he could find. It appears that he is actually singling out the bags, taking them and putting them on himself. Then he moves to the front of the car and starts to steal items from there as well! He continues to take more items from the car without an ounce of guilt.

Once he is finished grabbing all the items he wants, he returns back to his bike, and simply rides off into the sunset. But not as fast as needed apparently because as soon as he starts pedaling, he gets a hefty dose of instant karma! A police car cuts him off and pushes him to the side of the road. He is caught and isn’t able to get away with this horrible crime.

According to the reports, he was sentenced to 28 weeks in prison.

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    i wonder if he is one of those refugees that is so deserving of their help, or so they think

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    Got the little toe rag!! Well done !!!

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