Mischievous Kinkajou Is The Pet You Never Knew You Wanted: CUTE AS FLUFF

6 years ago

DESPITE her long curly tail and excellent climbing skills, this animal is neither a monkey or a lemur. Stella from Florida, USA is a kinkajou, a rainforest mammal native to Central and South America. This exotic animal may not be your first choice for a pet, however it was for Justin and Samantha Powell. Have you ever seen someone have a pet like this? This is one video that no animal lover should miss!

Ins't this animal just adorable? Usually people have dogs, cats, fish or even birds as pets, but this Kinkajou is something really special. Who wouldn't want to have an animal like this living in their home! Do we have to mention how gosh darn fluffy it is? That is one adorable animal!

Although most of us don't have access to having a pet like that in our home, there are other things we could get to satisfy our cuddly needs! We could always get some adorable animal plushs from Amazon!

Videographer / director: Justin Powell
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

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