Toddler gets taught lesson on life from dogs

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsWhen you fall down, just keep getting right back up. This is the important lesson Tegan the year and a half old toddler learned as he walks Newfoundland dogs Ralphie and Boss around the neighbourhood. He loves to walk the dogs but sometimes it's a lot of work. He tends to fall a lot while holding their leashes and he isn't too pleased with that. His loud screams are good proof of this.

Even though the fall is not very enjoyable, he always gets up and continues to walk the dogs. No matter how much you fall, you always get up and continue with your day. He must love the dogs very much if he is still willing to hold their leashes after his hard falls. These little ones are always going to be the best of friends! Every time he falls, the dogs turn around to make sure he is okay, so cute! How adorable is it to see this little boy enjoy every moment with his dogs.

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    These 2 dogs are taking this little child for a walk!

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