The Ben Armstrong Show | Do 50% of Vaccinated People Produce Spike Protein Forever?

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9 months ago

I have wanted the answer to this question from the very beginning and it is still hard to pinpoint a definitive answer. We do have evidence that it will go on forever in some people. Also, Alex Newman talks about how this evil enemy will be defeated.

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Video Sources:
1. - mRNA Injury series - Spike protein in the blood of the COVID-19 vaccinated - New study: Do 50% of Pfizer & Moderna vaxxed produce spike protein forever? I review 5 studies on Spike protein in blood.

2. - INTERVIEW - After I'm dead Podcast (Aug.13, 2023)

3. - VIDEO CLIPS - Pilot Tim McAdams

4. - Alex Newman -  ReAwaken Tour in Las Vegas, Nevada

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