OZ Fest Morning Mission: It’s You Girl and You Should Know It

Whitmer is just a horrific manifestation of Mary Tyler Moore. Zee dissects Gov Whitmer’s “What’s Next” Address.

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We have lost the war for our minds. The price: we are kept in a state of fear and delight all driven by external forces, by AI, by technology platforms that fool us into thinking we are freely expressing ourselves, that inhibit us from exercising our will and making choices. That stunts our self awareness because our fears and emotions are played upon. That state of mind is Severed Conscience

We experimented with Artificial Intelligence to determine if the conditions that lead to Severed Conscience are indeed a reality. You will be amazed at what Chat GPT, the preeminent artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI under the guidance of Elon Musk, divulges about how technology is used against you. These experiments, while fascinating, should awaken you, as this technology is being used on you today to keep you engaged with social media while the world you know is taken from you.

To purchase our documentary go to https://severedconscience.com

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