Little boy sees fireworks for the first time

Published July 10, 2017 8,647 Plays $21.71 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsWatch this little boy's face as his mind is completely blown by seeing fireworks for the first time! The face he makes will brighten your day!


  • warriorbride, 2 years ago

    That child was WAY TOO CLOSE to that firework, whoever are their family should have told him to bet BACK further , like the other boy was, parents that don't take care of their children just makes this video makes them look BAD and they should have their children taken away or teach them how DANGERIOUS it is for the child should have NEVER did the fireworks at all ? where is the PARENT ? Do they know that children doing this have had their HANDS blown off when the fireworks go bad or they go BLIND when one of the sparks hit their eyes or face and burn them ? what fool would let a child that close is rediculous and seriously needs a class in how dangerous fireowrks are !

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