Baby Girl Plays With Gentle Pit Bull

Published July 8, 2017 524,811 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsPit Bull dogs have the most awful reputation, just for being pit bulls. Pit Bull owners are labeled as brutes and criminals, simply because they love this muscular, fearsome looking breed. Most people wouldn't go anywhere near them, not to mention letting their kids get close to those dogs.

What these people fail to realize every time is that Pit Bulls are not the gruesome beasts that the world paints them. The dogs they all know as fighter dogs have been bred and trained to be vicious like they are. Do you know what happens when a Pit Bull Terrier dog is raised in a loving and caring family, with children?

This video is proof that Pit Bulls are just muscular kittens! Baby Mia loves spending some quality time playing with her nanny dog Maverick. These two will be best friends for life!

Pit Bulls are just like any other dog – proper upbringing and training can make wonders with this obedient breed. Not only will they be the best guardians for your child, keeping them safe from harm, your Pit Bull can be taught to love and accept your child as part of the pack and will teach them some of life's most valuable lessons.

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