Can't jump over everything!

TheBestFailsPublished: July 7, 2017Updated: May 4, 20186 views
Published: July 7, 2017Updated: May 4, 2018

Whenever you feel like doing something, but you hesitate for far too long before you do it, it is probably your gut saying “do not even think about it!”. It might be a challenge from some of your friends, it might be something ridiculous you picked up online, it might even be a challenge you set up on yourself. No matter where it came from, if you want to make the jump, but your body doesn’t wanna move, you better listen to it.

This dude, however, turned his deaf ear to what his body was telling him. He wants to jump over the tennis net. Looks easy, right? It is just 3 and a half feet high, and that dude is probably another 2 feet higher than that, how hard can it be. He just has to make a nice, solid jump and lift his feet off the ground enough to make it.

But see, this is what we were talking about above. His body was telling him “don’t do it fool, your shoes are too heavy, you can’t lift your feet that high!”, but he didn’t listen. He takes the jump, only to have one of his feet tangled in the net. You can guess what is going to happen next, right?

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