Let them Eat Cake! - Watchmen Radio -09/03/23

10 months ago

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That’s the rich entitled Democrats attitude toward common people suffering under their evil rule.

Truth Social and Rumble are bastions of free speech.

Lots of GOP Republicans have sold us out.

Diaper filling geriatric criminal Democrats and complicit Republicans stole 2020 from Trump, and now are in tyranny mode.

The power of unification is an edge over an enemy, guaranteeing victory.

Contentions within Christianity have weakened it against evil Democrats.

Healing the sick, casting out devils, setting the captives free should be priority one, instead we have hobbies that distract from the simplicity of the Gospel.

We rest in the grace of God, and we participate in worshipping, serving, and following Jesus out of love, in a spirit of liberty.

Endless illegal immigrants being let in to the USA is an attempt to break the spirit of the land, like Sennacherib tried against Israel.

Writers and Hollywood artists on strike are Democrat who are a link in the chain to destroy Christian America with mind control, but AI will be allowed to take their jobs.

The way of the leftist is Satanic sacrifice for demonic power to get what they want.

#FakeNews said a water main broke in Georgia and suddenly after GOP are sent home, they pull out ballots from under the tables and start racking up “votes” for Joe Biden.

SRA is satanic ritual abuse performed by wicked people like Democrat politicians, to shatter the child’s soul for the demon to then have a home, in exchange for money and power.

85,000 illegal immigrant children from south of the border have gone missing into sex slavery and/or SRA.

The law of Plain Sight is that they tell you what they are doing, which amounts to tacit approval on your part.

We call them Satanic Libtards since their agenda destroys the fabric of society.

Devil wants you crippled with lies, which is why Democrats hide or ban Bibles.

Satan will use multiple boogeymen to trick you into giving up your all.

They’re starting to shut down bullion sellers, so we don’t have silver or gold for when they make paper money worthless. Gold & Silver Stackers on YouTube had his bank accounts and credit cards closed.

Jesus told his people to flee to the mountains, David and Paul also did flee, the wise men had dreams sent to them so they would sidestep harm, and live

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