Wild snapping turtle extremely curious of human

Published July 7, 2017 1,491 Plays $3.98 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsThere is a very remote lake near Parry Sound, Ontario where wild snapping turtles such as this one have rarely, if ever, interacted with humans. As a result, they have little or no fear. This playful young turtle excitedly swam out from under the family dock to greet Dave when he was swimming. The turtle was particularly interested in Dave's snorkel mask and he repeatedly positioned himself so he could look Dave directly in the eye. The turtle followed him around the dock for over an hour, swimming around in circles and even engaging in some physical contact with no sign of concern.

Common snapping turtles can grow to twice this size, weighing up to 45 pounds. Although all wild animals should be treated with caution and respect, these turtles are not the aggressive and fearsome creatures that they are rumored to be. It is a complete myth that they can snap a broomstick in two. They lack the jaw strength and beak sharpness to do so, although they can deliver a painful bite and bruising if they are provoked, especially on land.

Snapping turtles are essential to lakes and rivers for keeping them clean and free of rotting fish.