Dog takes dog for a walk

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Published: July 7, 2017Updated: July 10, 2017

Pet owners prepare to laugh as these two dogs make a hilarious yet charming video. These two dogs are connected together a leash as the little one tries to walk his big friend! The little dog tries to take take the big dog for a walk, but who is walking who? Watch as this tiny pup hilariously fails to control the slightly larger friend with his leash. It's like he is trying to be human! This is a video that no pet owner should miss! These two dogs make a hilarious duo together!

Isn't it just adorable watching these two dogs? Big dogs can be pretty hard to control as it is and having the little dog walk his big friends is just so funny! The big dog doesn't seem to even care that his little buddy is trying to walk him. The little dog seems to be trying its hardest to control his friend but it seems to be in vain. You cannot help but to crack a smile when watching this adorable video!

This little pup could always purchase a much bigger and better dog leash from amazon to control his friend! A lot of us have had those moments when trying to control a big dog, it can be tough, but this little pup seemed to be hanging on just fine!

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