Lost Pit Bull Reunited With Owners After Running Away From Home Scared Of Fireworks

HopeForPawsPublished: July 6, 2017Updated: July 7, 20175,024 views
Published: July 6, 2017Updated: July 7, 2017

Dog owners should be aware that their beloved pets also have their fears! Every year thousands of pets go missing because of fireworks, and most will never be reunited with their families again. Even firecrackers will make the most well-adjusted loving pet become terrified enough to run away.

Lisa Arturo called Hope For Paws after noticing that a lost Pit Bull was hiding under her car. These professional rescuers used plastic fencing around the car in order to secure the dog from running away. First, the dog growled at them because he was so afraid and didn’t know that they are here to rescue him. Eldad from Hope For Paws fed the Pit Bull with a hot-dog just to make him feel more comfortable and then used a special leash and slowly led him out of his hiding spot.

Fearing for his safety, Eldad used a towel to pet the dog and realized that he quickly relaxed and seemed to be enjoying the affection he was receiving. When they scanned him, they discovered he had a registered microchip inserted and soon found the owner.

Owner Joanna was so relieved to hear that Boy was found and was safe and sound. Her family was having a party and the dog got out because he got scared of the fireworks. They were very surprised because he usually never leaves the house.

When Boy was reunited with his owners, he was crying like a baby, waving his tail and jumping with joy. He is part of the family and couldn’t wait to go home to them. They are lucky to be reunited again!

Please keep your pets indoors where they are safe, and make sure that your pet has a collar with a name tag and your phone number on it.

Please support our efforts by making a $5 donation today: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
SHARING our videos is so important for raising awareness! So many animals will run away from home this weekend, so many will get hit by cars, so many will never find their way home - PLEASE keep your pets safe - indoors, with a collar, a name tag and a registered microchip.

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