Grandma Cries Tears Of Joy When She Meets Her Granddaughter For The Very First Time

Published July 6, 2017 2,134,693 Views

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesThere are some moments in life that you remember and revisit often. It might be your first day of school or the day you had your first kiss, the day you had your heart broken or the day you found the love of your life. For some people, it’s the day they get to hold their child for the first time in their embrace, for others it might be the day they got to meet their grandchild and if one thing is for sure, those moments are worth cherishing.

In this footage we can see a grandmother on the receiving end of one of the greatest surprises. She gets to open her front door and be left speechless. In front of her lies a baby carrier with a tiny bundle of joy inside of it, staring right back at her. The grandmother starts crying happy tears when she realizes that she’s seeing her granddaughter all the way from Japan for the first time.

She grabs the carrier and takes it inside, still not ceasing her crying. She unbuckles the belt and grabs her granddaughter in her arms. The tiny tot doesn’t know what’s happening but she feels too good to protest. She stares at everyone and tries to understand why this lady is hugging her so tight but in the end she opts for not caring and basking in her gran’s loving embrace.

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