25 Kids With A Knack For Breaking Things

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Published: July 5, 2017

Every parent has gone through the stages of having a child. The goo-goos to the terrible twos, all the way to sending them off to college. One thing that remains constant to some degree is their ability to break things; more so when they're younger. Talk about kid proofing the house! These kids have quite the knack for breaking anything and everything they get there hands on! You won't believe how easily these kids are able to break swings, lights, and other household items! It may not be on purpose, but boy are they going to be in trouble!

This video highlight childhood at it's greatest moments. There is always going to be those times when kids are having fun and play and then all of a sudden CRASH and something broke. Funny enough those happen to be the moments that everyone will remember and someday look back on it and laugh about it.

These kids sure did break a lot of things such as toys. If they ever need any more toys, they could always get more kids toys from Amazon to replace the ones that broke.

Have you ever broke anything as a kid? Let us know in the comments!

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