Passionate husky lovingly welcomes home owner

Published July 5, 2017 6,192 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAs this husky's owner enters the home, she has a lovely welcome from her dog! The husky is so excited to see her. They have such a strong friendship. She follows her dog throughout the house and asks him if he wants to eat, he gladly replies with a bark. I think he is ready for his meal! Before he eats, she asks him to give her a high five and to speak when he is asked. He obeys and then jumps right into his meal! He is a very patient dog and does what he is told. His owner is very pleased with him.

After eating some nice meals, many dogs will probably want to take a long nap in a warm bed with some nice cozy blankets. What a great way to end off the meal, take a nap so you are energized and can run around for the rest of the day! The more energy they have, the more time you have to run around with them and enjoy your day. It is so nice to come home and know that you have been missed by your favourite companion.