This Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Had Us Laughing Out Loud

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Published: July 5, 2017

Wheel of Fortune has been a show that viewers have been enjoying since the beginning of time. There have been some easy puzzles to solve, and then there have been difficult ones. Then there are those puzzles that have double meanings and of course the first meaning that comes to mind is always the dirty one. With just five letters missing from this final puzzle you would think it would be pretty easy to solve. But when you take a look at it, you will quickly understand why everybody is confused over the result. The final board resembles something shocking: _ _ C K _ _ _ O R K. As you see just five letters are missing. They are all at the beginnings of the words.

The contestant then had ten seconds to try to figure it out. Before the contestant even had much time to pick the correct response, some disgraceful words spin round your head. It is hilarious and before you try to answer it yourself, you would be on the floor laughing. But this contestant does not think twice before solving the puzzle, she is given 10 seconds to answer and she does it for only two incredible seconds!

Eventually the answer was revealed. What do you think it is? Check out the video below of the contestant guessing correctly to see if you were able to arrive at the same answer too.

Did you guess the correct answer? Or did you think it was something else?

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