Dash Cam Captures Drunk Man Stumble And Fall Into Street

alehebel Published July 5, 2017 6,927 Plays $15.31 earned

Rumble / Dash Cam FootageAren't dash cams the best? Ever since they came out, with their initial purpose to insure you in case of traffic accidents or when some unlucky person decides to blame you for running them over, they now provide us with snippets of wacky road rage, curious mishaps with tires and, last but not least, the public antics of human kind on the street.

Usually with this kind of videos, there is a bit of a prelude before the main action, but not here. This clip from a dash cam in a car in Lublin, Poland, shows a guy running zig-zag on the left side of the car, bottle in hand. Surely we don't have to tell you he is dead drunk! How in the world is he able to run at all?

He probably notices that he is running into oncoming traffic, so he makes a sharp left turn right and back towards the sidewalk. When he manages to skip over quite high lip of the side walk, we though, okay, maybe he's just lost, you know. But nope – as soon as he steps on that sidewalk, he slams into the building! Like, how was he able to safely climb on the pavement, but miss the red brick wall?

Moments like these would never have been captured if it wasn't for dash-cams. Dash-cams on Amazon have been flying off the virtual shelves as they tend to become more and more popular!