Texas’ Wild Alligator Catchers

Published July 5, 2017 462 Views

Rumble Texas is the home of a pair of wild gator catchers , who are making a name out of themselves for their heroic efforts to relocate the beasts of the marsh.

Former dental assistant Christy Kroboth and ex-healthcare manager “Gator” Chris Stephens make up the Gator Squad. The Squad service residential and public areas in and around Houston, Texas. Unlike others in their profession, who exterminate the huge reptiles, these two are actually committed to relocating them and educating the public on how to react when they come across one.

Christy was only a couple years in the business when she caught Gator Squad's biggest gator, which they nicknamed Godzilla. The beast, measuring 13 feet in length and weighing 900 pounds, was found in the parking lot of a hardware store.

Chris is the more experienced part of the Squad, being in the business on and off for 20 years, starting at a gator ranch. He says that chasing and managing alligators makes him happy and that he would rather deal with a dozen alligators at once that having to deal with human employees.

The duo catch about 100 alligators a year, of all sizes and temperaments. Given the size of the area that the Gator Squad is covering, these scaly beasts can be found in the weirdest places, even in cemeteries.

Videographer / director: Gator Squad
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper