Horse sprawls out on back just like a human

nadinelindblomPublished: July 5, 201711,146 views
Published: July 5, 2017

This horse definitely knows how to relax! She looks like she's trying to get a nice sun tan, maybe some sunblock is a good idea! It seems like she has had a long and busy day and just wants to take some time to chill and enjoy life. Horses are very beautiful animals and are such good companions for people. The more engagement that occurs between a horse and their companion, the more likely it will help create a deeper bond and a connection between the two different individuals. A strong positive relationship can be formed. A horses diet mostly contains grass but they are always happy to receive a good treat like an apple or carrots! They also need lots of water, much more than people need!

Horses are very fascinating and unique creatures. Check out some classic horse movies if you can't get enough of these animals.

This video is hilarious and definitely puts a smile on your face! We should learn to relax more like the horse, she seems to be enjoying it!

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