Maui DEWs, Deep State False Flag, Trump ASSASSINATION ALERT - Stew Peters & Alex Jones

9 months ago

They are lying to us about the Maui fires and what caused them.
Alex Jones, host of InfoWars, joins Stew to talk about Direct Energy Weapons and the truth globalists don’t want the public to know.
It’s clear from the evidence, the fires in Maui were not normal.
There is footage of cars that have been burned to the ground but the trees and the grass were untouched.
There is something about the color blue that blocks and repels the microwaves used to start these dangerous fires.
Homes with blue roofs were spared from the fires as well as blue t-shirts in the midst of burnt down houses.
The use of Direct Energy Weapons on Maui is a beta test and preview of what is to come the next time the globalists covet the people’s land.
Maui is the second most expensive real estate in the world and it has been owned for generations by blue collar individuals.
The world elite have declared open war on the people.
The globalists believe they took over the world with fractional reserve banking.
They believe this means they own everything, including people.
This is also an attempt to create a global false flag to promote climate change as the cause for tragedies and disasters.
President Trump recently urged Americans to not comply with the reimplementation of Covid tyranny.
President Trump needs to fully admit he was wrong in how he handled Covid-19.
Trump is in danger of being assassinated because he continues to increase in popularity with each Deep State move against him.
There is also the possibility of a false flag to assassinate Joe Biden and blame MAGA supporters just like January 6th.
The most important thing Americans need to do during these dangerous times is to pray to Almighty God.
We are in the midst of fifth generation warfare.
The sooner we collectively admit this fact the sooner we can mount an effective resistance.
Then, we must move to the extreme accountability phase.
We must put these criminals on trial and if found guilty they need to by publicly put to death.
There is a rumor circulating that the Deep State will launch a hot war with Russia, crash the stock market, and cancel the 2024 election.
This may all start after a massive power outage where the Deep State blames Russia for the attack on the American power grid.
The globalists are like a caged animal and ready to lash out in order to preserve their power.
Humanity must stand strong, be vigilant, and never back down.
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