Husky puppy acts as personal alarm clock for owner

Published July 4, 2017 13,874 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesFor all you dog lovers out there, you can be sure that this doggo will brighten your day. Imagine waking up to this adorable husky doing this every morning. That's way better than any alarm clock. You can be sure that following this dog's adorable alert they will want morning cuddles that will always put you in the best of moods to start the day. Waking up in the morning can be hard for some people, but having this adorable dog by your side when you do so will make everything just a little better. You might not want to leave your bed even more so though.

If you love dogs like this one, but don't have the pleasure of being woken up like this, we have an alternative for you. Here we have a wide assortment of dog alarm clocks to pick from to be woken up to a good old fashioned barking dog, guaranteed to get you up and out of bed!

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Check out how Caera the husky wakes up its owner every single morning. How could you say no to that face?!