Dog howls in very peculiar way

Published July 4, 2017 1,857 Plays $3.06 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHow cute is this? Leia is a mixed-breed dog that is trying to howl after hearing other noises throughout the house. She just wanted to join in on the fun! Her howl doesn't come out like she wanted it to and she ends sounding more like a demon than a dog. She makes a more familiar sound to a roar than to a howl. At least she is trying, it's the thought that counts! She just wants to join in with the rest of the house. This puts a smile on your face and will definitely brighten your day!

Leia might be trying to start a musical performance with the rest of the house, some cool microphones might help her get started. With a little more practise, there could be a future band starring Leia!