5 years ago

Patient Great Dane Waits For The Cat To Take A Shower

This is too funny! Sid the cat is having the time of his life chilling in the shower. I don't think he has any intentions to move anytime soon. He doesn't really care for the washing part, he certainly prefers to stick his tongue out and drink the water. This doesn't bother his friend Katie the Great Dane. Katie is completely okay with waiting patiently for Sid to finish and it's a good thing too, because Sid really seems to enjoy drinking the shower water!

You might say that Sid is acting like a bully, taking his precious time to drink from the spray, instead of going to his water bowl and drink from it instead. But this is a free world we live in and Sid can certainly drink water wherever he pleases, and Katie is super understanding about it.

After a while, you would expect a very frustrated Katie, but she is the complete opposite of that. She is minding her own business and wants her friend Sid to be squeaky clean! When Sid is done with his shower, Katie is ready to take her turn! That is one respectful dog. Now she has all the time in the world to take her relaxing shower, yay!

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