Test Your Vision And Find Out How Well You See Colors

Published July 3, 2017 1,913,647 Plays

Rumble When we see colors, we see the particular wavelengths of light that are not absorbed by our eyes. Cool right? Each person on the world sees colors differently. Assuming that you are not colorblind, it is pretty sure that you can differentiate red color from yellow. But when it comes to specific shades of colors, your sight may fool you.

The ability to see colors varies from person to person, just like the case with "The Dress". Some people saw the dress as blue and black, and some of us saw it in white and gold. Scientists claim that other factors, such as mood, emotions and memories can affect our way of seeing colors.

Few know that color blindness isn’t blindness at all. It is an inability or reduced ability to see certain colors. It is relatively common and it is a genetic condition that is usually inherited from your parents. The gene responsible for this vision deficiency is carried on the X-chromosome and it usually affects men more than women. 8% of men are colorblind and there are estimated over 250 million color blind people over the world. Only 1% of the females suffer from this condition.

EnChroma, a brand of glasses that can correct some forms of colorblindness have been released recently. Many people have tried these magnificent glasses and their reactions range from excitement to tears of joy.

Take the test and see how well can you see colors. Who knows, maybe you are one of the few that experience a richer and more diverse world of color.
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