Feral Kitten Comes Into IT Office

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Published: July 3, 2017

We all know that curiosity killed the cat, but who knew that it would also lead it into an IT office? A Monday morning turned into something beautiful in this office when a cuddly little kitten wandered inside and refused to leave. The employees fed him and gave him some water, and even let him play inside. He seemed to love the attention!

They say cats are excellent judges of character and this kitten proves that rule! How else would it know that every single employee in this office loves cats - some even have more than one pet cat of their own! It sure loved the attention it was getting. The employees fed him and gave him some water, and even let him play inside. It would play with the cables (don’t worry, they still have power and Internet) and jump on their beans bags in the leisure room.

If you want to block out these kinds of intruders, you could always close the door, but if you welcome a usual like this kitten probably has become over time, then you should get yourself a doggy door. Be sure to check out these high quality doggy doors from amazon.com and pick one up for your outdoor friends today!

What would you have done if a cat just wandered into your office? Let us know in the comment section!

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    Aleksandra_rumble · 1 year ago

    Sorry, this video was taken in Macedonia :( I hope you'll find your kitty!

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      wpamudi · 1 year ago

      For a moment my hopes flew high. We combed the neighborhood, checked shelters, posted fliers, but nothing so fat. We just hope she found a loving human wherever she went. Thanks for replying to me.

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    Tomaf · 1 year ago

    This kitten isn't Feral, just a stray. A feral kitten would not get anywhere near people.