Orphaned Lamb Loves His Cat Friend, William

gunyahPublished: July 2, 2017Updated: July 5, 20171,308 views
Published: July 2, 2017Updated: July 5, 2017

When this baby kid was brought into the big and cruel world, his momma rejected him. It seemed that the end was near; he was weak and malnourished, left in the field to the will of the predators. Death had almost come to knock on the kid's door, when the good people of Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary found him, all curled and shivering, with crows pecking at the poor little guy's face.

They named him KT and took him under their wing. KT was so undernourished, he had to be monitored around the clock, in order to properly recover from his unfortunate entry into this world. The rescuers gave him a sweater to wear, so that he can be nice and cozy during his lengthy recovery.

On his road to a better and healthier future, KT has made a good friend in quite the unexpected place. William the cat in another member of the community of rescue animals at the sanctuary and the pair hit it right off the bat.

Check out this sweet clip of the two unusual friends bonding; the cat is being very patient with the kid, as he grows to become healthier, stronger and quite feistier. It even seems that William the cat actually enjoys it when KT nibbles on his ear. That has to be the sweetest thing you will see all day!

To see some incredibly cute photos of the rescued dogs and cats cuddling up to Kenny, or to meet the many other residents who call the Sanctuary home, visit Gunyah's Facebook page http://www.gunyah.org/gunyah

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