Dazzle Everyone By Balancing A Bill On The Tip Of Your Finger

Published June 30, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble If you want to become the most popular person in the bar with your amazing ability to levitate a dollar bill, this magic trick will help you dazzle everyone by balancing a bill on the tip of your finger.

The secret is unlocked, this trick is super easy to pull off, all you need is a bill and a quarter. Watch and learn how to do the levitation trick and remember to hide you back foot from the audience. This bar trick is assumed to involve a little bit of magic as well!

All you need to pull this trick off is a bill and a quarter. Take the quarter and place it at one end of your bill, sort of centered. Then, fold one side over so it fully covers the quarter. Next, grab the other side and fold it back over. We also recommend folding the side to prevent the quarter from flipping out and there you have it. The weight of the quarter will help you keep the bill perfectly balanced at the tip of your finger.

With this super simple magic trick you will learn how to trick your audience into thinking you can control things with your mind! This trick is so cool, you will have anyone who watches jaws dropping right away! So, practice this funky trick and have fun with it!